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Pricing Ebook Conversion

Pricing for converting a file to an ebook format is charged on the size of the eBook as well as any additional services you require for example:

  • Cover Design

  • Editing of Source Document

  • Marketing of your eBook

  • Creation of your own website to help market your book/ services

Pricing is based as follows:

1-49     Pages: R595

50-99    Pages: R1158

100-200 Pages: R1980

200-350 Pages: R3465

350 +    Pages please contact us

Cover Design Services

From R450 for your specially themed eBook cover design.

Proofing or Editing

From R500 for documents under 100 pages and R1500 for documents longer than 100 pages.

Ebook Conversion Services

Need help to create your Ebook or convert your softcopy to a valid eReader format?

We also convert complex and complicated lay-outs like photo and coffee table books into ebooks.

Provide us with the original copy and we will convert the eBook into a friendly format and return this to you.

EBook cover design can be taken care of as part of the conversion.